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J aime beaucoup ce genre de petit jeu :]

Merci ! 

Comments below clip:

Loved playing this game. What a treat. The way things unfold keeps you sitting tight in your seat. Am not going to add any spoilers, but if you like horror games, definitely give this one a go.

Thanks for making it guys, and kudos to all involved!

You've gained a follower :o]

Nice graphics! Great quick game. I played here :)


Omg ,mega gruselig. Danke dafür ,es ist sehr gut geworden. Gruß aus Deutschland 

That was fun, very cool experience, but I still need to ask... Why is the window broken?

I was very confused by the direction of this game, as well as the goal. The audio and visual style was phenomenal though. I think I might just be a bit dumb. 

love your game :):):)

Definitely enjoyed playing this game!!  Highly detailed. Game here:

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Looking forward to more :) I got stuck a bit, which made it less scary and kind of takes from it, but thats my fault lol but agree its a little confusing. Only feedback is my ending had an error (nothing there) I don't want to spoil anything lol but I think it's a nice game demo to try out :) Congrats on winning the jam! 👍 

Hey dude I really liked the game, it was a great experience

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Really enjoyed this game and the narrative, graphics and sound. It’s the type of game I’d love to see developed further into a lengthier game, as it hold so much potential. The only issue I had was with the precision when clicking on items. It was a bit hit and miss, but I don’t know whether that was an issue with my devices performance or something else. Other than that, brilliant! 

well done

Well Design

Awesome short game. Really enjoyed that one. 

cool game :)

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it was fun and all till the my inner demon started speaking

any ways i loved this game cuz of its creepy and unique atmosphere

definetly waiting for more content from you!!!

A little confusing, but interesting.


IM DRMIX           

Very interesting.

This game is very well made, albeit a bit confusing. I got a bit frustrated because of my own stupidity lol. Here's my playthrough:

Finally got to play this game! So glad I did! Part of a multi game video starting at 28:21! One of the better short horror games I have played! Would love to see a larger game based on this idea! 

Not bad for a short game. Wasn't the easiest to figure out what needed to be done though.

Five stars!


I, i don't get it. It's very well made and everything with graphics is great. Apparently you are schizophrenic and you killed somebody without knowing it. The man standing at the door is probably you, he looks like his name is Nelson just saying.

But great game!

Interesting premise. Nice fonts!

that voice though !! I can't imagine going through this ! 


Short and Sweet, apart from that voice, that voice was incredibly creepy.

When I played this as part of my 3 random games video, I played as much as I could of the game but couldn't understand what to do when the man appeared behind the door.

Here's the video:

Me ha gustado mucho  la idea, me hubiera gustado que fuera más largo, pero muy buen juego ;)


Even tho I got stuck a few times, the twist and voice acting were really helping with the atmosphere

hi, big thx for the great scary experience. greetings from germany

I really can't wait for the sequel it was very good for 7 days!

It's been a while since I played Room 303 and I came by your page again searching for more games from you to play. If people haven't played it yet, they should give it a go. Good story and good pussels. Makes up for a weird and scary trip. 

I'm still waiting for more awesome games like this from you to play. :)

For a game made in 7 days, I think it was frickin' awesome! I can see why it won the jam; congrats on that btw! Too bad that the story won't be progressed any further because I would totally do a LP for it! The only problem I had, which was probably due to an error while downloading, was when I looked at my reflection in the mirror. The reflection did not load, and I can only assume that it was of me. Maybe…..haha. But either way, still enjoyed it.

Great work!

check out my gameplay if you d like? :D

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