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What an awesome short experience!!
The game certainly felt like it had been worked on for more than 7 days!
The visuals are well polished with really nice looking lighting and shader work. This made the room feel spacious and not constricting.
Audio wise, the mix was great. Nothing too low and/or loud. The voice acting was a pleasant surprise considering the amount of time you had to make the game!
The gameplay style fitted the storytelling pretty well. The recreation of the scene by the player is something we've seen only in 3A titles. The ending was pretty enigmatic too! One can give different interpretation to the events that happened inside the room.
Overall, I totally enjoyed the game!
I wish you the best on your next projects!!

A great little game. Very short. Quite easy but still a nice little twist. 

OMG, this game is awesome if this is the way forward with room escape games then we are all in for a massive treat.

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Paul, and thanks for the link.

Первое прохождение на русском)

The plot twist in this game has you thinking a bit i had fun with this one 

hello cringy people


I enjoyed this game very very much. Thank you developer. 


This game was awesome to play. A very well made game for being produced in 7 days. 

Gave it a go...

I really enjoyed this little game. I wasnt sure what was going on but it was good nonetheless!!

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First off congrats on being a hot game. Second my only gripe with this game is the fact the reticle is very small (likely subjective to eye sight) and its hard to tell what to do next as some things seem mundane in the sequence of order. Other than that, enjoyed the short gameplay, the graphics were nice and things like this are always a tease cause now I want more backstory!


Just played your game and I really enjoyed it! It was really well done and I look forward to what you do next! Keep up the good work! 

Made a video

I had a lot of feedback to give in this game - though the Ending made me think that it could have an interesting story to tell.

Really interesting game, I loved the atmosphere and the voice acting!

Great job!


Hi there, I just recently played through Room 303 and I thought it was quite enjoyable.

I’ll start off with some things that I liked. The game looks amazing and runs very well, at least it did on my machine while simultaneously recording. The atmosphere is tense, especially since you’re thrust into the situation very quickly. The environment itself is nicely detailed, brought to life with the use of some fantastic lighting effects. The voice acting is fairly well done, especially for the what I can only assume is a demon, it definitely adds to the overall feel of the game.

Given the length of the game and the time constraints in making it, I think the story here is acceptable. I like the mystery that surrounds it and the end definitely piqued my curiosity but there are a lot of unanswered questions.

The only thing I can point out that I didn’t like was how things needed to be fixed in a very specific order when they otherwise didn’t have to be, why did I have to fix the lamp before the couch or the tv? It’s a very minor thing, but it would have saved a few moments of frustration and mucking about.

All in all, I think this was pretty well done, especially given that it was made in only 7 days.

Also, I hope you don’t mind but I made a short let’s play of the game over on my channel.   

Cheers and best wishes,


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Room 303's inception is trippin me out! xD

Was a great short game! I enjoyed it :)

Apparently we have to fit it, or fix something... No idea what though!

Didn't see it coming, you've got a real m night shyamalan twist... Or do you.

For real i'm not sure but I am sure about my like for your game.

Also how did you create that underwater effect on the voice? Its super cool

IT'S ME, MYSELF AND I.. | Room 303

In a way, this game was pretty terrifying!! but i loved how the game was played out and actually spooked me near the end XD really awesome job on creating this!

Enjoyed the narrative of the character at, times I felt stuck not sure if it was on my part of the game. After the game jam would be nice to see you revisit this and, polish it up as, it seems to have a lot of potential!

A nice short horror experience cool little story very creepy I did get stuck at times and didn't know what I was doing but when I did it was awesome can tell alot of work has been put into this a fun little game

was real interesting :) 

Hey everyone!

Really great game considering it was made in just under a week. The mechanics were a little lacking but the game itself was very intriguing with wonderful voice acting. Overall it was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed this very much!

Really awesome voice acting! Loved the sense of fear and paranoia from the character. For 7 days this is really good! 


Pretty nice for 7 days work. Perhaps I've been playing too much HITMAN, but I wanted to find somewhere to hide the body almost immediately.

Really neat "escape room" style mystery game. The graphics are great and the sounds are good. 

When a horror game aims to be realistic, it's the realistic environment which of course makes the game. In this case the environment is really top work and with that the atmosphere is really impressive. I though about "what if you had a whole building that looked this nice", but then it wouldn't be the same game.

We'd love to see your game in this year's Game Development World Championship, I think this would do pretty well in the jam games' category.

Thank you! I'll definitely look into this championship, seems pretty cool.

Alright, thanks!

There's a lot of detail that gets put in when you have only one room to focus on. My personal favorite detail is the sunlight effect when you mess with the curtains.

The voice acting and story in this was very cool and interesting even if the game was a bit short!  Great job :D 


Awesome game!

Sick game

It was really a game with ideas. I enjoyed playing the game
재밌게 플레이 했어요 :)


The game looks amazing, the voice acting was fantastic, and the story was interesting. Overall good job.


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This game looks fantastic for a jam title, the cloth physics and the voice acting are a nice touch, but the gameplay itself leaves a lot to be desired. I get that it's mostly a short story experience, but I spent way too much time just wandering around the small space looking for whatever made my reticle pop up so I could progress the experience. Overall, looks good, interesting story, but not all that fun to play.


Another Fishface games winner. Plays superb with a great story and the sounds and voice are top notch. Very well done... :)

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