Wow, Thanks Everyone!

Hello my friends,

First off, I am absolutely overwhelmed by how well this game is doing. Thank you everyone who has played it, watched a video on it, voted, or made a video on it. I'm honored that you guys are enjoying a game we made in a week. Second, I have heard your guy's complaints/feedback on the way the game is played. (The puzzles) They must be done in a certain order which I know is annoying but seeing as this was made in just 7 days I didn't have many other options. After the gamejam is over it is possible that I revisit the game and flush out the gameplay. Just so you know, DaRoninEngima and I are working on several more projects in the background, more info to come. If you want more frequent updates check out my discord. Here: If you want to see the man behind the crazy story's stuff you can find him here:, and one last shameless plug for my gamejolt: where I have two more games. 

Anyways, thanks for playing, and if you haven't voted for the jam yet, please do. ~ Joey

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Jul 09, 2018

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