First Update

Hello earthlings, 

Today I am dropping the first real patch/update for room 303. I've been absolutely stunned by the success of this game and I cannot wait to see what you guys are going to think of the next chapters to come. TEASER HERE. I think you're really going to like them. Anyway, here's the patchnotes.

2.0 - 7/26/18

- Added bathroom door

- Added subtle sound effect when you can interact with an object

- Added a notification that tells the player what to do on start

-Added some general detail that I missed due to the gamejam's time limitation

- Changed volume of "The Voice" down from 4.5 to 3

- Changed vocal cue when putting up the TV to instruct the player an idea what to do

- Changed interaction UI from a dot to a hand and made it larger

-Optimization was done to improve performance on lower end PC's

This is the first little bugfix/feedback driven update. There may be more in the future but for now I'll be working mostly on the next chapters. If you want to stay up to date on those and be the first to know when they come out, join my discord. If you want more news and info on the coming chapters follow DaRoninEnigma's Twitter and my Twitter

Anyways, thanks for playing. I'll catch ya in the next chapter

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Jul 26, 2018

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