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This was pretty good! I see you've gotten plenty of feedback already, though. Just wanted to say this was a great little narrative you all put together in such a short time, and it says a lot of things very quickly. I was a little confused about the actual death, though...

Congratulations on the well received release, I look forward to playing more. I hope it's okay for me to add my video to the "pile" you've collected! Hope Lumps brings a little something fresh, though. 

Cheers & enjoy! 🍻

The game was great and that voice kept getting me scared and keeping me on edge. I really wish the game was longer so I could see how scary you could really make it. All in all,  LOVED it.

Loved it!! I wish it was longer but thats what makes it so good!!

I would love to see a longer version of this game most definitely! 

I hope for a sequel since I want to know more... Nice Job!!

Welcom to Room 303  


Very nice game we enjoyed it at all 

room 303 is not a bad game to be fair had fun playing it and definitely worth trying out.

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CAN YOU TRUST YOURSELF? | Room 303 Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Awesome game! And little confusing but still very cool. 

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1.Esta "demo" está muy bien, gráficamente muy bien, pero es demasiado corto!!! Haces un par de cosas y ya se acaba, y no da miedo alguno. Mi puntuación sería 5/10

This game was amazing, I really enjoyed it. The whole feel of the game was very creepy and dreadful. also, I made a video of me playing it!

Room 303 is a good  game with a concept I don't think has been done before. The frantic ideas of a neurotic schitophrenic or, the second voice that lingers in the deranged is an, interesting thought. The problem is I believe there may be bugs in the game either that or, I couldn't figure out the next step in the process of the game.

Thanks for playing. There is no bug or glitch that keeps you from proceeding. You need to plug in the TV after you set it back up in order to move on.

Okay first of all I’m an idiot, because of the simple puzzle solving. When I started my Room 303 gameplay in my first video, it took me a little while to figure things out. Even though that little voice in my head was telling what to do, just not how to do it. When I finally started to figure things out, I just ended up getting stuck on the TV section of the game. And this is when the lovely developer of Room 303  gave me a nudge in the right direction by commenting on the first part of my gameplay video. But I still went fully stupid and ended up figuring out the TV puzzle much later on. But all and all, once all the pieces were fixed, I was meant with a pleasant surprise in the end.

TLDR: This is a good inde game with a major twist in the end that will surprise you.  Even though the game wasn’t super clear on what to “fix” it’s still sort of obvious of what you should be doing if you take a good look at the environment. But yeah, Room 303 is a good bite sized game 👍🏾

Have you ever seen what's behind the door of 303!? THIS!

i loved it. it really made my mind think hard.


great great great devil sound, its make me scared

if u are from indonesia. u must watch room 303- indonesia version


Such a great concept and so well executed! I loved every moment of it as it kept on the edge of my seat!


This was interesting. There was enough to keep me interested, but not so much that I knew the whole story! Great work

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To be made in such a short amount of time this is excellent work. Great graphics, animations and sound design; with a little extra work like adding a larger click over icon would make it be fantastic! 

A little confusing along with a bit of difficulty to figure out the next step.. But other than that, its cool. fun little one-off with a bit of a twist. Congrats on winning the game jam!

Markiplier played your game!

Yeah...saw that. Pretty cool :) Would be cool if he plays each chapter as we release them...But, to be honest, I have loved everyone's content and appreciate it so much.

Games looks great, except I am not able to do anything. Since I can't see my mouse I can't click on anything. Even so, when randomly clicking to find the mouse it still doesn't work. Plus moving is so sensitive it's gunna make me sick.


The mouse cursor is supposed to be hidden, you must got around the room and find what needs to be fixed. (Hint: Go to the blinking lamp)

I have to agree 100% concerning the movements. Last few games I downloaded are like that.  I move the mouse, everything blurrs and wobbles and lands way past where  I had intended.  Visually nauseating. Other than that, it would be kinda fun.

Nice and short game, can't wait to see what you'll come up with in part 2.

I wish the Part 2 will be a bit longer, and maybe optimise it a bit more since i had quite a few FPS drops even on low settings. One more thing maybe to add is the actual objectives, because i was very confused what to do or where to go. 

Congrats on winning the gamejam btw! 

As this was made in 7 days by such a young developer, in that sense it is a very good game.  The graphics are nice and I really enjoyed the creepy voice, reminded me of the game The Darkness.  Otherwise there is a lot of not knowing what to do.  A lot of spastically clicking and hoping to land on the next objective.  This leaves for a lot of spare time to stop caring about the fact that it is a horror game.  And generally can make it frustrating and unimmersive.  I didn't find anything in this game particularly scary, just a dark tone, all in all it's a little boring to actually play, although it can make for entertaining let's plays.  If you invest more time in a project, I could see them being very good, you have talent.  

We're not done here...

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A VERY NICE PLOT OF THE GAME! Nothing to say much but the confusion of the guy standing on the door is not present as it is a MYSTERIOUS game that has its element dead and seeing himself cleaned by someone else just make the things work MORE CREEPELY! So after the gameplay i was surprised to see that some INDIE HORROR GAMES ARE HAVING BETTER PLOTS THAN SOME TRIPLE A TITLES!



This game is hilarious. I'm not sure if it was meant to be, but it really cracked me up. The voice acting and audio engineering was great, very well done. The atmosphere was pretty spooky! I was a little confused for a while but it wasn't too hard to get myself back on track. There are a ton of things in the room to interact with and they really push the player to get immersed. I definitely didn't see the twist coming at the end. I think you did pretty well making a game out of a single room for the jam! Thanks so much for making this! I had a blast!

Overall, I really like this game! it has quite a bit of polish for a game that was put together beginning to end in such a short time frame.
The cons are minor, and referring back to the time frame, forgivable..
here's a helpful hit to anyone who hasn't played it yet: only the tv needs to be plugged in.

Really cool design, interesting scares, and some general weirdness which plays into it very well.

Biggest problem I had was I turned the lights off in the room, so I had some issues seeing the twist, but I got the idea. 

Also of note is the way the glass broke it looks like the corpse came into the room through the window, since the shards were inside. Just a funny little catch that made me think he was some kinda angel or something.

Cool concept for a game! I especially enjoyed the surreal and eerie atmosphere building with every step you take towards the resolution. And twist it's also very interesting, indeed a really good job.

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, cheers!

I also played the game and released the Video yesterday. Awsome work  for an 18 years old guy ;) I commented on the game in German.

Room 303

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Nice look, Great Story. Click and play, I feel like we all interpret  the ending in a different way, which also makes it awesome.

Room 303

Loved it! Loved the ending! Keep up the great work! 


I have greatly enjoyed the content created by everyone and try to ensure that I watch all of your videos! If you think I missed yours, please let me know.

Thank you so much for the support on Room 303. We appreciate it!



Awesome game with a crazy twist ending! Check out my playthough here :)

Great narrative overall! Some of the puzzles took me awhile to figure out but I definetly enjoyed the twist at the end! 

I had fun playing this! 

We played this on our channel! GREAT GAME! brilliant work for a 7 day production!

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Ce jeux m'a rendu anxieux tellemnt c'était immersif!!! Très bien pour un jeu réalisé en aussi peu de temps. CACHE LE CORPS!

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